L’Hospital Veterinaris likes to try to solve the problems medically and minimally invasively. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and there are some diseases requiring surgery.

Our hospital has the most advanced equipment in order to provide the best surgical management of our patients. We have electric scalpel, surgical aspirator, capnography and pulse oximetry, electrocardiogram, noninvasive measuring blood pressure, mechanical ventilation and thermal blanket to control body temperature.

After surgery, our team takes care of all operated patients, from the immediate postoperative period and fully up to the very moment of hospital discharge.

Among the various surgeries we perform are the following:

Gastrointestinal: gastrostomy?, gastrectomy, gastropexy, enterotomy, enterectomy, colectomy, colopexy, biopsy, gastric dilatation volvulus, splenectomy.

Hepatic: tumor removal, cholecystectomy and biopsy.

Hernias: perineal, inguinal, umbilical, scrotal and diaphragmatic.

Special Senses: ablation of the ear canal, tympanic bulla osteotomy, removal of tumors and correction of defects in the soft and hard palate.

Urogenital: Cystotomy for the removal of bladder stones, nephrectomy for kidney stone removal, urethrostomy, castration of male and female, pyometra, removal of vaginal and mammary tumors.