Our ophthalmology team diagnoses and treats many eye diseases which, as with people, may impair the health of our pets.

We can offer you the following diagnostics tools:

Schirmer’s test for a dry eye diagnosis, and fluorescein staining to visualize corneal ulcers.

Slit lamp for examination of the anterior eye segment.

Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy for ocular fundus examination.

Applanation tonometer for intraocular pressure measurements.

Gonioscopy lens to examine the iridocorneal angle (key in the diagnosis and prevention of glaucoma).

Conjunctival and corneal cytology and biopsy.

Electroretinography for the study of retinal electrical activity in the posterior segment diseases and as a previous test for cataract surgery.

Surgical magnifying lenses.

Among the many extraocular surgeries we perform are the following: reduction of the third eyelid gland prolapse by using a new technique; entropion and ectropion correction; distichiasis resolution; evisceration and enucleation; and resection of eyelid tumors.

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