Neurology and Neurosurgery

Neurologia veterinaria

The team of L’Hospital Veterinaris provides you with several years of experience in the diagnostic and treatment of the nervous system illness in dogs and cats, such as: cerebellar disorders, degenerative myelopathy, cranial trauma, myasthenia gravis, spinal trauma, wobbler syndrome, instability of atlanto-axial articulation, chiari-like malformations, epilepsy, hydrocephalus, lumbosacral disease, myositis, neurotoxins, tremors, brain tumours, granulomatous meningoencephalitis, necrotizing meningitis, polyneuropathy, vestibular disease ….

Our specialists offer a neurosurgery service of great quality which obtains unbeatable results and also the possibility of realizing the following procedures: complete neurological examination, extraction and analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, myelography and spinal radiology. In necessary cases we offer to our clients the realization of complementary diagnostic methods such as CT or MRI.