Sometimes animals need to stay admitted for more intensive and close attention. L’Hospital Veterinaris has a nice place with 6 hospitalization cages of various sizes in which your pet will be staffed 24 hours a day, by qualified veterinarians. Due to the small number of cages, our patients find a pleasant space with a gentle and personalized service.

Our hospital is equipped with multiple infusion pumps, for controlled intravenous fluid therapy or intravenous medication, thermal blanket and infrared lamp for temperature control, oxygen generator and several systems for application (nasal tube, face mask, nasal prongs …).

For those animals that require more intensive care we have: nebulizer for respiratory physiotherapy; chest, abdominal and urinary drainage systems; intravenous parenteral nutrition, microenteral and tube feeding; central venous catheter for blood transfusions and blood products…

Normas de hospitalizacion (PDF)